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Behold the wonders of Youtube. A content-rich site filled with… - Aaron
September 8th, 2006
05:23 pm


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Behold the wonders of Youtube.
A content-rich site filled with best and the worst of recorded video.  Music videos, old commercials, video blogs, etc. Youtube falls right into the category of new social networking internet sites with on-demand content..

How does the site succeed with it's enormous bandwidth cost? Ad revenue through streaming video content. Advertisers are flooding the site with video ads. Luckily, unlike myspace, there are no online bilboards plastered everywhere with abandon. Not a one. There are sneaky little buggers though....people who leave comments for the sole purpose of getting you to buy something. Does Youtube do anything about these users? Not yet. Hopefully it will change. Another flaw....

Copyrights....eh who needs em right'? I mean  videos do get pulled off the site every now and then for copyright infringement and for being obscene, but for the most part one could easily check out the latest video by the hottest new band or in some rare cases even watch a full movie (split into about 15 seperate chunks). It's illegal but the uploading protocol set up is easily compromised.

The only thing that can really spoil the experience are the comments and ratings that people leave for videos. Should we be shocked? Nah. It's the internet. Anonymity brings out the worst of our human nature. Juvenille, mispelled, poorly worded and downright nasty comments  are the name of the game and I don't see it changing anytime soon. My advice would just to simply put your blinders on and advoid reading comments most of the time. Let yourself be the judge of the video's merits.

Well that's enough about youtube. Bet you're all just happy that I decided to freaking update this thing. Livejournal always seems to have something new every time I updated (considering it takes me half a year sometimes). Hooray for video uploads! And other things!

But what has happened in my life in the last couple of months? Plenty yes.

Quick rundown.

- Still not in school
- Got the same job, still great though.
- Had an awesome vacation with my dad on a roadtrip to Colorado for a karaoke convention. And I met my uncle and his family.
- Girlfriend broke off all contact with me once I got back.
- Friend o' mine decided he wanted to be an ex friend o' mine.
- Saw some great bands in Austin (Don Cab, Advantage) to get my mind off things.
- Got my ps2 repaired...sorta.
- Sold my soul to Guitar Hero (The root of all Evil!*tm) but not really :)
- Plan to finally buy a left handed guitar. Leftys are the true root of all evil.
- Plan to do a lot of things....music writing included
- Have settled into my new room in my new apartment. It's pretty grand.
- Got a ticket both for speeding and for....loitering (unknowingly I promise) in a park after hours. 11 people got tickets I think?
- Bro Ammon is finally get back from Iraq. Intact. That's a fact. Jack.

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Date:September 11th, 2006 01:38 am (UTC)



just saying a quick hello and just seeing how you are...so yeah


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